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“Reviewcare has totally changed the way we look at customer feedback. Other tools we’ve used were time consuming and complicated. Reviewcare is so simple to use and doesn’t cost me any extra time. With very little effort my clinic is now the best reviewed clinic in the region.”


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Happy customers are keen to come back and recommend you to their friends and family.

97% of potential new customers looked online for local businesses. Genuine online reviews on sites like Google and Facebook help you come out best.

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When you offer your customers a tool to leave feedback, they are less likely to write you a negative review somewhere on the web.

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What people are saying about you online highly contributes to your SEO. The better the reviews, the higher you end up in search results. That means you can spend less on Google or Facebook Ads.

Our methods are 7-9x more effective than conventional methods that use email. That’s why we are significantly cheaper than our competition.

We help our clients get trusted customer feedback and better online reviews without the use of email

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